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These things are important to me. What is important to you?


There are three school districts in the 76th District: Keystone Central School District, Mifflinburg Area School District, and Lewisburg Area School District. Supporting these students, staff and faculty is crucial. Preserving the opportunities provided by the PA State System of Higher Education’s Lock Haven University offers our students the ability to attend college closer to home. Denise knows that having access to a quality, affordable education empowers our students to compete on a global scale. She understands that the relationships that can be developed between our local students and local industry benefit both, and encourage our young people to stay, live, work, and raise their families here.


Access to affordable, quality healthcare is vital to a healthy society. That is even more true today than it has ever been. Increased need for medical intervention has lead to people learning what their insurance covers as well as what it does not. Denise knows what it is like to get confusing medical bills, and having to ask for payment for services that a person reasonably believes will be covered.  As a Director of Human Resources, she knows how to explain these confusing matters to others.  Denise will use these skills in Harrisburg and in her offices in the 76th District to improve the healthcare system and how it works. Denise also views access to quality healthcare as a right, and not a privilege to be available only to those who can afford the high premiums. Additionally, another issue that is close to Denise's heart is Veteran's healthcare issues.  Being a daughter of a  Vietnam Veteran, she understands first-hand the effects of PTSD on the family.  Veterans also experience Traumatic Brian Injuries and other challenges from their time served.  We must have appropriate services available to help all of them through readjustment into civilian life.    

Abortion/Reproductive Rights
Denise is pro-choice and will work hard to protect reproductive rights. The fundamental right to make decisions about our own bodies must be guaranteed. Without that, there is no true liberty. Each of us has the freedom to decide when and with whom we have a child. Forcing someone to continue with a pregnancy against their will is against the rights guaranteed in the constitution. Women deserve equal protection under the law and should not be stripped of their self-determination.
LGBTQ+ Rights
Denise believes that the LGBTQ+ community deserves the same fundamental rights as all citizens of the United States. Who we marry, what job we desire, how we choose to raise our children, where we choose to live are all personal decisions that we have the constitutional freedom to make. No one, especially our representative government, has the right to infringe upon those decisions. Discrimination in any form is wrong. Denise will defend and uphold the rights of all individuals in Pennsylvania.
Environmental Protections

Denise sees the beauty and possibilities that our great district has to offer.  Exploring and promoting the PA Wilds will not only maintain the unique beauty of our state but will bring more revenue to the district.  We need to teach our children from a young age to appreciate and nurture our natural resources.  The current rate of climate change is evident in the increased number of severe storms, wide variations in temperatures, and increased flooding as water levels rise.  The time to act is now and Denise will make every effort to make Pennsylvania a leader in environmental issues.  Furthermore, Denise believes in bringing more job opportunities to this area but not if it adversely affects our environment.  

Voting Rights and Fair Districts

The right of citizens to vote and choose their representatives is paramount. Without free and fair elections, no other rights can be guaranteed. The ability of citizens to vote by mail has served to enfranchise those who work away from home such as military, transportation workers, and others. There has never been any widespread voter fraud proven in all the years citizens could vote by mail (since 1775). The changes to mail-in voting in 2020 had broad, bipartisan support and was successful. Denise believes that this practice should continue so that as many voters as possible can make their voice heard. However, we cannot let gerrymandering or map manipulation interfere with the voice of the voter. Fair Districts of PA has developed a plan for drawing the new lines after the census that is a transparent, accountable process that will best reflect the will of the voters. This plan has had wide bipartisan support but has not been permitted out of committee due to partisan politicians steering the agenda. The legislators are to be chosen by the voter, not the voters being chosen by the legislator. Only through a fair and transparent redistricting process that includes input of the people can we have elections that truly reflect the will of the voters. 

Representation (Unity)

As your representative Denise will work for the people.  She will represent everyone within the community regardless of party, religious or ethnic background.  One of the main reasons Denise is running for representative is that the people of the 76th District are not being represented equally, and that the division within our community is prohibiting us from being a better, productive society. Denise has a vision that the 76th District could be a model to the state and the entire country when we all work together for the betterment of our community.  Every voice will be heard and represented fully. Denise believes that when many different ideas and life experiences join together, we are all the better for it.      


Denise has a clear understanding of what the citizens of the 76th District are currently experiencing.  She knows what it is like to raise a family, and manage a household, all while living paycheck to paycheck.  She understands the stress of unexpected expenses, the dread of an upcoming car inspection, a leaky roof, or an appliance repair or a replacement that will seriously impact your wallet. Denise has been there and has lived those stressors.  Denise understands the burdens of high student loan bills, seniors being unable to remain in their homes because of rising taxes, utilities and property upkeep. The rising cost associated with quality child care often forces families to choose between one or two parents being able to work. Denise will address these issues and work hard to come up with responsible, affordable solutions.   

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