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Denise at LHU
Harrisburg at night

Denise Maris 

       for State Representative
        of 76th District

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LOCK HAVEN – Both candidates for the 15th District were in attendance as well as Denise Maris, a candidate for the 76th District.

The Forum was billed as a non-partisan public event meant to educate voters so that they can make an informed decision in the voting booth. The intent was to educate instead of draw lines — for the candidates to give their answers without ridicule.

Each candidate in attendance was given time for opening remarks — an introduction meant to tell a little about themselves, their story and their beliefs. Once introduced to the crowd, the question and answer session began.

Patrick Robinson — Chairman of the Clinton County Christian Coalition — read the questions. Each one was expected to be answered in a one-minute time frame, and had a number of different categories such as: Economy, taxes, government spending, infrastructure, education, abortion, energy, agriculture and miscellaneous.

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Building democratic power all across PA

TURN PA BLUE – Today, we’re proud to support 8 rural Democratic women running to flip the PA General Assembly!

This group of fierce women has banded together as the “I’m Possible coalition” as they work towards building democratic power all across PA. Every race matters and strong down ballot candidates help lift the entire ticket everywhere!

As Nelson Mandela said, “It’s only impossible until it’s done!” Help the I’mPossible Coalition get it done!

Democrats are rising in statewide polls as decades of Republican gerrymandering comes to an end. These pro-choice, pro-democracy women are key to stopping abortion bans and Donald Trump’s next coup.

LOCK HAVEN — The preliminary results are in and it looks like Democratic candidate Denise Maris will face off against incumbent Stephanie Borowicz for the 76th District House of Representatives seat.

Maris offered, “First, I want to thank the Clinton County Democratic Women and the Clinton County Democratic Committee and Union County Democratic Committee for all their help. More importantly, I want to thank all the voters who came out today to show their support. I am honored and humbled that you have chosen to vote for me."

LOCK HAVEN – Denise Maris is projected to be the Democratic candidate for the 76th District House of Representatives seat following a close Primary election in Clinton County.

Once results are certified in the coming days, Maris could face off against incumbent State Representative Stephanie Borowicz who ran unopposed in the Republican Primary.

RENOVO — Denise I. Maris, a resident of Clinton County, is announcing her run for State Representative for the 76th District.“ Denise is a qualified candidate with a master’s degree in Health Sciences and has over 20 years of business and volunteer experience necessary for our current climate. Denise is passionate about issues that concern our community,” an announcement read.

UNION COUNTY — The 76th now covers the western and southern portions of Union County, including Lewisburg, Mifflinburg, New Berlin and Hartleton boroughs, along with Kelly, Buffalo, Limestone, West Buffalo, Lewis and Hartley townships, areas previously represented by Rowe in the 85th. The 76th also stretches into Clinton County.

Maris has more than 20 years of business and volunteer experience. She understands the issues facing voters today, she said.

LEWISBURG — LWV of the Lewisburg Area presents the Spring Primary 2022 PA. House of Representatives 76th district candidate responses.

LEWISBURG — Denise Maris, one of two Democrats seeking their party’s nomination to serve the 76th District, recently made the rounds at municipal meetings and explained her motivation for running.

“We’ve had so much division in our past politics and the division is hurting us,” Maris said, after a Lewisburg Borough Council meeting. “It’s hurting us and making us go backwards as a country and we need to stop it now.”

LOCK HAVEN, PA – A Renovo grandmother was successful in her first political try on Tuesday, winning the Democratic nomination for the state House from the 76th district. Unofficial results from Clinton and Union counties show Denise Maris with 2,236 votes to 1,386 for Elijah Probst, a Lock Haven University student.

With the win, Maris, director of human resources at the Susque-View Home, will go against two-term Republican Rep. Stephanie Borowicz who was unopposed on the GOP ballot.

UNION COUNTY - Democratic voters in both Union County and Clinton County in the new 76th — a newcomer to Valley voters — chose Maris by a total of 2,236 votes (1,000 in Union County). Woodward Township’s Elijah Probst got 1,386 votes, 272 of them in Union County. Maris is the likely opponent for Republican incumbent Stephanie Borowicz in the fall.

With the Primary Election right around the corner, Denise Maris, the Democratic candidate for the State House of Representatives from the 76th District, is not wasting any time getting down to business.
On Thursday, March 3, Ms. Maris met with child rights activists Donna Kshir (Clinton County, Pennsylvania) and Lee Roberts (Crestview, Florida). Both Ms. Kshir and Roberts are highly respected activists using their voice for Conner’s Law...

~Letters to the Editor~

LOCK HAVEN — After reading the April 14 article in The Express entitled, “Candidates vie for seats with new boundaries,” I was struck by the big difference in the experience and education between the two candidates for the new 76th District.

LOCK HAVEN — Denise Maris is running for State Representative for PA’s 76th District. As I’ve come to know her over the past several months, I find she’s someone who engages with and cares deeply about our area. I wanted to know more about her views on the issues facing us and so asked her a couple of questions...

Denise Maris cares about us, and she cares about Clinton County. She will get my vote on May 17.

LOCK HAVEN — In the upcoming primary race for the state House representative of the 76th District, there is no contest.

Denise Maris is the clear choice. Denise has been working on her campaign since Spring of 2021. She has been going to township and borough meetings to get to know the district and their needs. She has even received an endorsement and support from statewide organizations. 

LOCK HAVEN — Constituency services in the 76th House District leave a lot to be desired. If you don’t belong to the party of the current representative, you don’t stand a good chance of getting any help.

That’s why we need someone like Denise Maris to be the next representative of the 76th District. It doesn’t matter what party you belong to, or what you align with, she will be there to help you.

WILLIAMSPORT— “They believe opening the central registry will give parents the opportunity to protect their children from the unknown,” Howard said. Their latest effort includes a scheduled meeting on May 14 with state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, R-McElhattan, to see if they can get her support and sponsorship of legislation.

A prior meeting with Denise Maris, a Democrat candidate for the 76th District for state representative, resulted in Maris’ pledge of support of the proposal should she be elected.

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